The sky is my father,

The earth my mother

Of truth i am not afraid of

How could i be of lies

Below the mountains

There, in those green vales

I played the childhood games

With you my only friend

I gave names

To those birds above

To those squirrels below

How we played hide and seek

I remember…

The pleasing silence

And peals of laughter

Funny were those gesture

But time just flew away

Here…i am

There you are

Seven seas keep us apart…


There…on the way

If you meet the one

Who holds you dear

Accepts who you are

Sees your dark side

But loves you more


You will change

Because it is what you want to do

Though you may not pluck the stars

Or be the perfect gentleman

For love..

You will do more

You will be more

More than anything you dared to do

Step by step, one at a time

There she becomes..

the light of your life



There was always a time

When i felt, the burrowing in my heart

Sensed comfort in the silence of night

Before the advent of dawn

And after its end


I found my restless turmoil

Rest for once.

My inner demon tranquil

Peace I felt

Worth every dime paid

There were no words

No expression to convey

Just peace

Just loneliness


Gentleness of wind

Coolness felt with the morn

Expectation of warmth in the rising sun

Chirp of birds unrestrained

Green till the eyes can see none

Hope, that does away recurring pain

When parting comes to fruitation

With all these, these mine, mine alone

With all these, i don’t want to be, mine alone

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